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A door is not just a barrier between two rooms, according to Aidar Shabaev, president of the ultra-high end BellaPorta. It’s part of your interior decor. You don’t have to just use a door. You can enjoy the door as well. Our product helps homeowners enjoy the aesthetic value of their doors. In fact, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, it’s hard to appreciate the quality of these Italian-made doors without a visit. Inside BellaPorta’s Hempstead showroom, one of the largest of its kind on the East Coast, more than 100 different types of doors are on display.

Once there, Mr. Shabaev guides customers through not only their choices in materials and styles, but also provides an insight into the visceral value of doors and the deep emotional connections they can provide. Instead of just shopping for doors, a visit to BellaPorta is more like a trip to an art museum with a personal curator. Whereas most door choices are limited to height, width, and solid or hollow cores, BellaPortas design service breaks conventional wisdom and adds creativity to these interior elements.

For example, instead of using the same style of door say, a six-panel design throughout the home, BellaPorta can provide doors with similar physical profiles but different functions.You will be bored if you pick only one door style. By choosing doors from one of our collections, they are all part of the same family but each a little bit different. One might be a single panel with glass, another with three panels, says Shabaev.

In a bathroom that has no windows, you might choose a door with frosted glass to let in some light, yet provide privacy at the same time. Closet doors are treated as portals that maximize storage space. In place of traditional closet doors that are the same height as those between rooms, BellaPorta specifies openings that are almost ceiling height.

That way, says Shabaev, the entire closet space can be maximized and additional shelving installed within the closet. Futher, in lieu of traditional closet doors that swing out, BellaPorta options also include doors that slide along the wall, or folding doors, in matching or complementary materials. One such element is Magic Glass, which can be frosted or tinted and etched with a design that appears three-dimensional depending on the viewer’s perspective. Complementing the installation of these doors is a series of baseboard and door trim, and large wall panels that are factory matched to each door. Using a hidden fastener system, nailing holes are eliminated, which enhances the beauty of the finished product.

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